• Moon Trip Kit

    Make, Feel, Think and Go to Moon.

  • About Moon Trip Kit

    Feel Moon. Experience the journey.

    Moon Trip Kit is a kit for children to know about moon and enjoy making rover and think about moon journey.

    If they use this kit, they may become interested in physics, technology, and space, of course.

    And maybe adult can also enjoy with virtual reality experience.

    So let's enjoy your fantastic journey.



  • The journey Process

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    Children learn how to go to moon.

    So they learn apollo program history and what they used at that time at first.

    Then they learn about science like escape velocity, the mechanism of human body, or gravity.


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    After learning, children can make moon rover by their hands.

    They assemble parts, attach camera and they also learn something about engineering.

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    Children design the shape and function of lunar rover after they learned about Apollo program , gravity and human body's mechanism.

  • FAQs

    Where can we participant the workshop?

    You can do at school, science museum or fab cafe.

    How to reserve the workshop?

    If you're teacher, you can reserve from the button, "Book a Workshop", if you're student's parents, please tell teacher by the button, "Tell about this".

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